“Design-led iterative process”

“Design-led iterative process”

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Our job is not to create the user experience. It is our job to make it good.

— Joel Marsh

Working to increase site traffic is pointless if the visitors who land on the site don’t stay. With that in mind, search for and connect with those people who need the content that your site offers.

SEO is Dead. Long Live OAO.

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Your vs. My - Social Patterns →

I was wondering how to name a new feature for one of my client’s apps and this article on using “Your” vs “My” in user interfaces really helped me understand how to differentiate generic site content from content customized by/or belonging to the site’s users. 

  • Labeling stuff with “My” imitates the point of view of the user. It is as if the user has printed out labels and stuck them to various objects […]
  • Labeling stuff with “Your” instead reinforced the conversational dialogue. It is how another human being might address you when talking about your stuff.

I guess it depends on the product’s/brand’s identity. If I wanted to make the app feel like it’s an extension of the user, a tool, then I would go with the the “my” modifier when referring to content that belongs to the user: “My Favorites”. But if, instead, the product has a personality and you could think of it as a person representing a service, like some sort of butler, then I would use “your”: “Your Favorites”. This also makes sense if the site is social (like, there are more users the user should be aware of and there’s sharing involved) because when using “my” we create the notion of a more cloistered, private environment.

You also have alert messages and calls to actions to worry about. And on this front I agree with the MS Windows User Experience Interaction Guidelines:

  • “Use the second person (you, your) to tell users what to do.” ie.: “Customize your profile »”

  • “Use the first person (I, me, my) to let users tell the program what to do.” ie.: “Show me all deals in my area »”

Fun stuff, right?

Design by committee never fails to fail.

Sell like you share.

— Gumroad app’s tagline

Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.

— Jeffrey Zeldman

Design for Developers →

I’m not a dev, but I really enjoyed how this talk reminded me that sometimes we (designers) are so focused on making an easy to use UI, that we end up designing a product less usable to expert users (no advanced mode or shortcuts and wizards for everything). Ease of us use doesn’t have to hurt productivity.

There is only one way in this world to achieve true happiness […] a career, you feel a sense of purpose, a sense of achievement. You feel you are making a contribution. It is not work.

How to Avoid Work: A 1949 Guide to Doing What You Love | Brain Pickings

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A tip for designing for Retina displays →

"Just check that your retina asset is divisible by 4."